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Shade Grown ~ Organic ~ Fair Trade

Welcome to Earth Friendly Coffee! Here you can enjoy the outstanding quality and taste of the best coffee from the rainforest.

Earth Friendly Coffee is so smooth that cream, sugar or other flavorings could be added but are never necessary! It is a smooth, easy drinking coffee you can enjoy from morning 'til night.

Earth Friendly started from day one doing the right thing for the grower, for our earth, for the consumer. When you purchase our coffee, you will be changing the coffee growers' world one cup at a time!

CRS Fair TradeFair Trade FederationGreen AmericaSpecialty Coffee Association

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French Roast | Earth Friendly Coffee

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Our Price: $27.00
Intensely bold and flavorful our French roast is not for weak.  It is for Coffee lovers who enjoy a dark brew and a bold coffee flavor. This organic, Rainforest, coffee is an excellent quality coffee with a unique taste. Single Origin.